IMG Insurance Claims

If you are plan holder of insurance policies offered by IMG, get claims procedure information by referring to below details. You can download claims forms of International Medical Group (IMG) and apply for claims. The terms and conditions of the insurer is applicable for the claim settlement.

IMG Insurance Claims

Overnight packages Should be sent to: 2960 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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Toll Free Number

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Claims Department

International Medical Group P.O.Box 9162 Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Helpful information to submit a claim on an IMG travel policy form

Customer Service for IMG:

Telephone: +1.317.655.4500 or 1-800-628-4664 (toll free in US)


Website: (Live Chat available)

Here is a link to the medical and evacuation claims form: Emergency medical evacuation

Here is a link to the trip cancellation/interruption form: Trip cancellation/Interruption

For other forms (baggage delay/loss, AD&D, vision reimbursement, etc), please use this link: baggage delay/loss

You can create a client login with the company to track your claim here: Client login

To register, you will need your client certificate number or member number and their date of birth. You will then create a password for the account.

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IMG Travel Insurance - Claims information

Hi, I would like to know if travel insurance covers covid expenses and how can i claim my medical expenses.


questionDear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us at American Visitor Insurance! This policy will cover covid-19, but they ask you to pre-certify coverage (that is, call the insurance company before seeking testing or treatment).

Useful information from the ID card:
Phone numbers for insurance company (on back of ID card) for 24/7 Travel Assistance Services: Benefits/Eligibility/Claim Status: 603-898-9159 (hospital can call to get status of benefits on policy, can call collect) Toll Free (USA/Canada): 800-689-1896

Customer Services: 888-352-3169

If you file a claim with the company, we recommend you create a login (if you haven't already). You should be able to follow the status of the claim to be sure they have all the information they need. To create a login, use this link (click on "Register New Account"): Client Zone.

For the medical claims form, you can use this link (it has instructions, addresses, etc on it): Medical Claim.

For Trip Interruption claim form: Trip Interruption claim

For Trip Delay claim form (or quarantine or missed connection): Trip Delay claim form

For trip cancellation (if available on policy), go here: Trip cancellation

To renew the plan, you can use this link: Renewal

Do let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by email or phone. We are more than happy to assist you!

We wish you and yours safe and happy travels!

Customer care
(877) 340 7910

International Medical Group insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMG provider phone number and mailing address?

IMG customer service General Mailing: International Medical Group, Inc. 2960 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA
Claims: Claims Department P.O. Box 88500 Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500
IMG Global customer service E-mail:
ATTN: Claims Department

How long does it take to process my application and receive my ID card and other documents?

Every attempt will be made to process your application timely. The specific time frame depends largely on the type of coverage for which you are applying. If you are applying for short-term coverage under the Patriot series, IMG will process your application and forward fulfillment materials within one business day.

If you are applying for coverage under the Global or Group series, IMG will process your application within three to four business days following the receipt of all required information. Fulfillment materials will be forwarded the same day coverage is approved.

Do I need to carry the ID card with me at all times?

Your ID card contains important information including contact information for IMG should a medical emergency arise. We recommend that you carry it with you at all times.

What if I need a replacement card because the original was lost, stolen or damaged?

There are several ways to obtain a duplicate ID card. The Client Resources page features an ID card link as a menu item on the right side of the page. Simply click the link and follow the instructions. IMG's quick links also features a link to print a duplicate card.

Additionally, if you have a MyIMG account, once you are logged in you have the ability to print another card. If you fear your card has been stolen, please contact IMG immediately via e-mail, phone, fax or mail to enable us to watch for any misuse of the stolen card.

Does IMG accept collect phone calls?

IMG offers a toll-free number within the U.S. and Canada of 1.800.628.4664. From the Bahamas, use 1.866.677.4500. You may also call collect at 1.317.655.4500.

Am I required to complete an IMG Claim Form everytime I go to the doctor?

he Claims department encourages all insureds to complete a Claim Form for each new onset of an illness or injury. This process gives IMG knowledge that you are receiving medical treatment and allows us to watch for appropriate billing to be filed on your behalf. If you fail to submit a Claim Form and additional information is requested, IMG will contact you with an Explanation of Benefits and attach a Claim Form if one is required.

Can I fax my claims?

IMG will accept faxed documents if, upon receipt, they are legible and do not appear to be altered in any way. Faxes may be forwarded to 1.317.655.4505, Attention Claims Department.

How long will it take to process a claim?

Complete "Proof of Claim" must be received by IMG prior to making any benefit determinations. Proof of Claim is defined within your plan or Certificate of Insurance. Once all information is received, then claims are promptly processed in accordance with industry standards.

However, when additional information is required to complete the Proof of Claim, processing will be delayed. The insured will receive an Explanation of Benefits indicating what is needed for further consideration. Failure to comply may result in the insured's claim being closed for lack of response.

Where do I mail my claim?

International Medical Group, Inc.
Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 88500
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500

What happens if I need to seek medical treatment on the weekend or late at night and your office is closed?

International Medical Group, Inc.
Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 88500
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500

What can I do if I disagree with a Benefit Determination made by IMG?

A written formal claims appeal may be sent to IMG requesting a review of previously processed claims. It is important that you submit your appeal and any supporting documentation within ninety (90) days of the original claims determination. Your appeal will be reviewed and promptly responded to in accordance to your particular insurance plan or certificate. Claim appeals should be forwarded to: 
International Medical Group
Attn: Claims Appeals
P.O. Box 88500
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500.

What is precertification and why is it required?

Precertification is a requirement under your certificate for certain medical services. Please see your certificate for a list of services which require precertification. During the precertification process, medical professionals review the planned medical services against standard medical criteria to ensure that the services are within accepted medical standards and are medically necessary.

Precertification may be initiated by you, your representative or your medical provider. This can be done through MyIMG, through the Client Resources page of IMGLOBAL or by calling IMG at 1.800.628.4664 (within the U.S.) or 1.317.655.4500. Most U.S. hospitals and physicians are familiar with the precertification process and will make the phone call for you, though they are not required to do this. You are responsible for ensuring the precertification process is done five days before you are hospitalized or within 48 hours of an accident or emergency illness.

Is IMG travel insurance legit? Is IMG a real insurance company?

International Medical Group (IMG) has been offering travel insurance products since 1990. Based in Indianapolis, IMG has more than 300 employees and offers 25+ travel insurance products for travelers to the US as well as for US citizens traveling overseas. Their products are ideal people traveling to the United States as tourists on B1 visa, international students on F1 visa, Exchange scholars on J visa, professionals on the H1B visa as well as US travelers who are looking for trip cancellation insurance for travel insurance.

Does IMG travel insurance cover Covid?

Yes, IMG offers travel insurance with coverage for Covid19 as for any other illness. Imglobal has trip cancellation insurance products (insures the cost of the trip as well as health of the traveler) as well as travel health insurance products (insurance only the health of the traveler). IMG also has products for international students, exchange scholars and expatriates.

Does IMG sell Cancel for Any Reason Insurance?

Yes, IMG does offer Cancel for any reason coverage as an add-on product on some of their trip insurance plans.

What does IMG insurance stand for?

International Medical Group (IMG) is an Indiana based company offering travel insurance products since 1990. IMG has over 320 employees and offers over 25 travel insurance products for travelers to the US as well as for US citizens traveling overseas.

Is IMG a good travel insurance company?

International Medical Group (IMG) has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and has an A- rating.

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