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GlobeHopper Best international travel insurance for seniors

GlobeHopper Seniors Single Trip travel insurance
GlobeHopper Senior Single Trip Protects travelers who need travel insurance cover from 5 days up to 12 months while on a single trip.
GlobeHopper Seniors Multi Trip travel insuranceGlobeHopper Senior multi trip offers flexible protection to frequent travelers who refer to purchase an annual plan to cover multiple trips throughout a 12 - month period, each trip covered up to 30 days maximum.
Globehopper Evacuation Plus rider
The Traveler can purchase an optional rider at the time of application. The optional riders provide additional coverage for a minimal charge..
  • Evacuation Plus Rider
Coinsurance of GlobeHopper Senior plan
The plan pays 100%
Key Highlights of Visitors Care

Globe Hopper Insurance - Key Highlights

  • This plan is available for US citizens and US permanent residents and medical expenses outside US are the only eligible expenses.
  • This insurance is available for people above 65 years of age.
  • The multi trip plan covers multiple trips in 12 month period for frequent travelers.
  • People who are qualified for Medicare and are actively enrolled in Medicare parts A and B are eligible for this plan.
  • People who are enrolled in Medigap plan or Medical Advantage plan are eligible for this plan.
  • The single trip plan covers up to 12 months in the single trip.

GlobeHopper Seniors Travel insurance for US seniors on Medicare

Globe Hopper Senior travel insurance offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is ideal for US citizens and US permanent residents over the age of 65 for travelling outside of the United States. The Globe Hopper is available either as a single trip or as a multi trip plan. The single trip plan is renewable up to 12 consecutive months while the multi trip plan provides coverage for multiple trips within 12 months but with each trip covered for 30 days.

IMG GlobeHopper Senior plan summary

GlobeHopper Senior travel insurance Eligibility
  • Travelers aged 65 years and above
  • Covers medical expenses outside the U.S. only
  • US citizens or US permanent residents
  • Qualified for Medicare, actively enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B
  • Enrolled in a Medigap Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan
  • The plan is secondary to Medicare, a Medigap and/or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare supplement insurance)

Unique features
  • Maximum Limits from $50k to $1M
  • Insured person satisfy only one deductible within each 12 months coverage period
  • No maximum age limit
  • Provides reimbursement for emergency and non - emergency care expenses.
  • Offers immediate access to care and reimbursement for medical expenses.
  • Ability to choose hospital or doctor or your choice
  • No coinsurance
  • Offers pre-existing conditions coverage

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Plan benefits of Globe Hopper insurance

  • Maximum limit per period of coverage Single Trip: Age 65-79 years - $50k, $100k, $500k or $1M; Age 80+ $100k
    Multi Trip: Age 65-79 years - $1M maximum limit.Age 80+ $100k
    Deductible Single Trip: $0*, $100, $250, $500, $1k, or $2.5k(*$0 Deductible only available with $50k and $100k maximum limit)
    Multi Trip: $250 per injury/illness
    Hospital room and board Average semi-private room rate, including nursing services
    Surgery Up to the maximum limit
    Intensive care unit Up to the overall maximum limit.
    Physician visits Physician visits or services: Up to the maximum limit
    Radiology / X-ray Up to the maximum limit
    Hospital indemnity $250 per overnight inpatient confinement, maximum limit of 10 overnights. Not subject to deductible
    Prescription drugs and medications Up to the plan maximum limit, (Dispensing limit per prescription: 90 days)
  • Emergency local ambulance Up to $5k maximum limit
    Emergency Room Accident Up to the maximum limit
    Emergency Room visit without In-patient Admission Up to Maximum Limit. Subject to additional $250 deductible
    Emergency Room Visit with In-Patient Admission Up to the maximum limit
    Interfacility ambulance transfer Interfacility Transportation: $2.5k maximum limit
    Emergency eye examination $150 maximum limit. $50 deductible per occurrence. Subject to coinsurance. (Loss or damage to prescription corrective lenses due to an accident)
  • Emergency dental treatment Dental injury due to an accident: up to the maximum limit
    Dental - Sudden dental emergency up to $100
  • Emergency medical evacuation $250k maximum limit
    Emergency reunion $50k maximum limit
    Return of mortal remains or cremation/burial $50k maximum limit for return of mortal remains or ashes to country of residence, or $5k maximum limit for cremation or local burial at the place of death.
    Political evacuation and repatriation $50k maximum limit (Must be approved in advance by the company)
  • Trip interruption $5k maximum. Not subject to deductible
    Lost luggage Up to $50 per item; maximum of $250. Not subject to deductible
    Identity theft $500 maximum limit. Not subject to deductible
    Natural disaster $100 per day for five days, $5k maximum limit
    Terrorism Up to $50k maximum limit. Not subject to deductible
  • Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition Single trip: Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition: Eligible Medical Expenses: $2.5k maximum limit
    Multi trip: $5k maximum limit.
    Pre-Existing condition medical evacuation Emergency Medical Evacuation: $25k maximum limit
  • Accidental death & dismemberment $25k principal sum. Not subject to deductible
    Common carrier accidental death $100k per adult, maximum of $250k per family
  • Incidental Emergency in the U.S. Up to the maximum limit
GlobeHopper Provider network

Provider network and how to find hospital or doctor?

United Healthcare Provider Network

IMG maintains a wide network of health care providers.

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IMG GlobeHopper Insurance - Common Questions

01. Is IMG travel insurance legit? Is IMG a real insurance company?

International Medical Group (IMG) has been offering travel insurance products since 1990. Based in Indianapolis, IMG has more than 300 employees and offers 25+ travel insurance products for travelers to the US as well as for US citizens traveling overseas. Their products are ideal people traveling to the United States as tourists on B1 visa, international students on F1 visa, Exchange scholars on J visa, professionals on the H1B visa as well as US travelers who are looking for trip cancellation insurance for travel insurance.

02. Does IMG travel insurance cover Covid?

Yes, IMG offers travel insurance with coverage for Covid19 as for any other illness. Imglobal has trip cancellation insurance products (insures the cost of the trip as well as health of the traveler) as well as travel health insurance products (insurance only the health of the traveler). IMG also has products for international students, exchange scholars and expatriates.

03. Does IMG sell Cancel for Any Reason Insurance?

Yes, IMG does offer Cancel for any reason coverage as an add-on product on some of their trip insurance plans.

04. What does IMG insurance stand for?

International Medical Group (IMG) is an Indiana based company offering travel insurance products since 1990. IMG has over 320 employees and offers over 25 travel insurance products for travelers to the US as well as for US citizens traveling overseas.

05. Is IMG a good travel insurance company?

International Medical Group (IMG) has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and has an A- rating.

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GlobeHopper Insurance Restrictions

GlobeHopper Insurance is not offering coverage for residents of Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine and travelers visiting Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine.